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Neck Angle

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How did I know that noone was gonna answer my question and just tell me to use the search feature? And how do these people know that I didn't use the search feature? And why don't they realize that with the same amount of typing, or less, they could have answered my question already? Honestly, I searched, and found nothing. Maybe I missed it. But all you had to type was either "neck" Or "body". Either of those would do. It doesn't hurt to help others with their research when they're having problems.

Also I should add that it's a glue in neck.

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Do you know your neck angle? If you don't, draw out your plans full scale and determine the angle. You can either cut the angle into the neck tenon or route your neck pocket on an angle. With some searching you'll find a hany jig made by david myka for cutting an angled neck pocket. Both methods work equally well. Also, you're in no position to raise the point that you "may have" searched. If you did a search and were unsuccessful, mention that; otherwise, people will assume you didn't.



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