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Pickup Installation


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If it's just swapping out the stock pickup for a new one, it should be quite simple, especially since you already know how to use a soldering iron.. Plus, you'll be learning something new.. :D

If you know how to read those wiring diagrams off the various sites (the Fender site has their stock wiring diagrams), all you need to do is just follow the instructions and you should be set.. Just remember to use a flux cored solder and to make sure your iron's not too powerful.. I'm using a 40W iron and, if I'm not wrong, that's already a little on the high side.. Good luck!!

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The wires on them should even be the same color. Can't get mauch easier but it depends on where the original pickup wires ended up at. At the selector switch, be real careful not to overheat the little tab that comes off the switch. At a back-of-pot connection, just the opposite. My borrowing rights to a really good soldering iron were suspended when I left on on overnight. It was a 30 year old adjustable Heathkit with a tip that worked everywhere. Made by GE. So I had to go to Radio Shtick and get one of those 20 watt red jobs and it does quite well as long as you plug it in 15 minute before you use it. Buy a little roll of that very fine rosin core solder while you are there. The small stuff doesn't get in your way so much. You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE that pickup. Rock till you puke :D

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Replacing a pickup in a Strat is literally a matter of desoldering two wires and replacing them - go for it!  :D

Yeah, i had a look into it myself after posting this and realized it'll be quite simple,, so i'm waiting on my pickup, the 25w soldering iron i ordered, and a nice white perloid scratch plate..

pimp my strat :DB)

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