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Recon Stone Thickness


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So the guys at MaseCraft, who TOTALLY ROCK!, sent me what I can only guess to be about $50 worth of free stuff as SAMPLES (I KNOW! They've got my bussiness now!). Either way, they offer the recon stone in 1/8" thickness (being the thinnest), and the other stuff like their plastic polymers (which are cool too) come even thicker!! What's the best way that ya'll have found to thinning this stuff down to a use-able inlay thickness?


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Well . . . a thinness sander is the way to do that, HOWEVER be careful thinning out Recon Stone. It seems really hard, but it get brittle and crack easily when it is thin. You're better off to cut it at the 1/8", inlay it into whatever and then file it flat. If you are only inlaying the stone and not mixing it would shells or metals (which I often do) than you can inlay the stone deep say like .1", then you don't have as much stone to file down and you don't have to worry about blow through when you radius your board. I use Recon stone a lot and it works great. Also Masecraft is a good supplier for it too, which you have already discovered.

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I use almost every type of it.

I also previously wrote a whole page mini tutorial on it a few months back regarding which types are the hardest to work, meaning most fragile. Do a search and it should turn up.

I use it at .06 or thicker when I can. I have had it break in inlays that otherwise were perfect.

I do thickness it first with a thickness sander, then cut carefully afterwards. You could back it with something like a wood or something, but most likely that's not necessary. If your mixing materials with recon stone that are thin- like .05 shell, glue the inlay face down so the thicker areas sticks out the back, then rout to the deepest area, then fill in the back with glues to support the inlay from underneath. Filling with dust also works.

Craig Lavin.

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