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HELLO ,I`m new here

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Hi,I`m new to these forums.I love all the info on the site.

I am building a headless guitar with a neck-through body.I am making it look like the Erelwine Lazer Johnny Winter plays unless I come up with something different in body design.So far I have laminated a three piece neck,installed a two-way truss rod and have tapered the back of the neck (using a Safe-T-Planer in my drill press.)

I picked up a headless bridge system made by ABM.My bridge sits about 9/16" high.Will I have to recess this or somehow angle my neck?

Any help greatly appreciated,

Thank you in advance.

...and Hello again to all! :D

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how high is the bridge? how high is your fretboard above the face of the guitar? If the neck angle is slightly large, I suppose you could shim the bridge. if the neck angle is slightly small you could recess the bridge slightly.

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uh... Guys... first post?

My bridge sits about 9/16" high.

Yes, you will need to angle your neck, or recess your bridge. How much depends on where your neck joins the body, how far your fingerboard extends over the guitar top, how thick your fingerboard plus fret wire will end up, and of course, how tall your bridge is. The process for calculating neck angle is covered in plenty of detail in Melvyn Hiscock's excellent 'Build your own Electric guitar'. It is also important to have your guitar design finalised before making any calculations - if you change one variable without altering your calculations accordingly, your guitar could end up unplayable.

If you're serious enough to invest in fancy hardware like that, the cost of the book will be insignificant, and it will save you money by preventing potentially catastrophic errors in construction.

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The small little Steinberger Spirit guitars are a straight thru-neck,and they do not appear to have any angle,of course their tremelo bridge is routed into the body so I may have to go that route.

Well as of now the neck and body are straight(one piece).I will know more once I finish the neck.Does it make sense to add an angled body afterwards?

The one question about the end piece at the top of the neck,

Should I drill a hole in it for instant access to the truss-rod adjustment ?

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