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Installing Inlays


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Hey guys

A few questions re:Inlays

I'm building my first guitar (copy Les Paul) and am currently routing/chiseling out the inlay cavities (Trapezoid shape) on an ebony board

The inlays are Paua from MOP Supplies in Melbourne

What I want to know is how flat do the cavity bottoms have to be as I'm having to do this freehand

If I dont get them dead flat can I use glue and ebony dust to even things out underneath the inlays?

Speaking of glues, what can I use?, will Titebond do the trick?

Looking through the posts just about everyone mentions CA

Before joining this forum I had never heard of CA glue and I haven't been able to source any here in Oz, yet

Any info would be greatly appreciated

dayvo :D:D

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Thin CA is what you want.  And you can use ebony dust to even things out.  B)

Thanks mate :D

I thought I needed the heavier bodied stuff

Now to find larger amounts of it

Here in Oz I've only seen it in 3ml tubes (which are usually only half full anyway), so I'll have to buy a quite a few to do the job

dayvo :D

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CA works well when you have generally close fitting inlays. You can put the inlays in place and wick the CA down around them. Level under them and fill around them with the ebony dust. If you have larger gaps or levelling to do, you might consider using epoxy instead -- which is another popular glue for inlay work. (You can tint it black too if you want.)

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The best stuff I have ever used (and I've used them all) is a epoxy product that is made by the superglue corporation. I only says "Superglue" is small letters. The quick setting stuff comes in a red tube, but I perfer the slower setting epoxy (20 minutes) for most jobs. This stuff fill, set ups, and color better than anything I've try. And best yet, it is only about $2 USD a tude. I've used stuff five times the price and it didn't work as well. Over here they sell it at home depot, but I seen it for sale on the internet. This would fill in the bottom of your cavities just fine.

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