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i bought a cheap guitar and the nut was just a little too big it played and sounded fine but the e went off the fretboard alot when i wasn't careful

that's not good. i play a lot of lead..

i'm gonna just put the nut on, but NOT screw it in (there are no holes in the neck yet) and let the string pressure hold it down.. and see if the strings are alright like that

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You don't need to put the strings on if you have a laser guide --use that to sight along the neck starting from the saddles to the nut --you'll be able to see exactly where the strings will go (thanks to araz and Guitarfrenzy and others for this idea!).

I'm betting that as long as the nut has the string spacing you like, it won't be a problem ...we're talking 0.25 mm on either side, you'll barely notice that...

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