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Cutting Out For Inlay,


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the very first inlay that i ever did was some bone pieces into the stock of a 30-30 winchester. i did the whole thing with an exacto knife and a 1/4" chisel. might still be the most accurate inly i've ever done.

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When i get around to inlaying my headstock i think this will be the method i use.  To me, an exacto blade and a tiny chisel would be far easier to handle accurately than a dremel.  I also (for some reason) get more joy out of using hand tools than power tools.

I use both. I scribe the outline pretty deep with the knife (I've only inlayed venner so it's not too deep) and then route with the dremel. It might not be the right way but it gives me a nice clean edge.

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an xacto knife is a tool that you can find in most hardware stores and hobby stores here in the u.s. they generally have a polished aluminum handle or a larger red handle and changeable thin blades. there's a collar at the top that when tightened holds the blade tight. when the blade gets dull you unscrew the collar and slip another in. it may have another name there like craft knife or hobby knife.


check out this link and you'll see what i'm talking about.

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