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New Emgs With No Tone And A Buzz


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i just got my emgs in today and tryed to install them. well its my first crack at active pickups. i got sound the first time thru but the tone dosent do anything, it buzzed when the strings are not being touched, and when i set the neck volume at 0 so its a kill switch and leave the bridge at 10 it will give me a low volume clean sound. is there a ground issue? also whars the deal green wire from the jack? i followed the directions and i got that buzz. it also said not to reconect the bridge ground wire.

my guitar has 2 volume, 1 tone and a 3 way toggle.

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the tone pot was not wired right. the green wire was not in the right place. they sound great with 18 volts.


its still dose the clean volume sound when the toggle is ont the possiton and its at 0 and the other one is at ten but ony at high volumes now. how do i get rid of this?

my jackson use to do this but i dont rember how i got rid of it. i think it had to do with a bad ground

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i emailed but the tech is out untill jan 9. im gonna take it to a buddys house and compare wireing.

Yea, but just look in the left bottom corner there are pdf files with wiering. Just download them and be sure you downloaded the one for your pickups.

BTW i have 81 on my old b.c.rich and i got schematics with the pickup. So if you bought your pickups from EMG dealer you should have it.

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