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Truss Rod

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What is the general shape of a truss rod? IS there only one shape?

The truss rod channel in the neck is what shape too?

The trsuu rod shape and shape of the channel and the parts of a truss rod, and the turning of the truss rod key.... .anticlockwise and clockwise has an impact on the neck how?


anticlockwise loosen

thus I am guessing clockwise is upward bow.

and anticlockwise is bow downwards?

I am trying to understand everything about guitars and floyd rose guitars so that I can set up guitars as if they're meant to be played by professionals . :D ..For myself i wanna set up properly my guitar and naturally the more i know the better i will be, this is one place i can ask questions. Thankyou.

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A double acting truss rod is a rectangular solid shape. Accordingly, it required a rectangular hole. Although, if you want to get really technical, you can route the hole with a 1/4" bit at the ends for the metal blocks the rods thread into and a 1/8" dia. bit in the middle for the actual rod. A traditional rod is just that, a rod. I fits into a slot that looks kind of u shaped if you looked at the neck from the side. A u shaped insert goes on top of this. Tightening a traditional rod adds backbow, but loosening it will only lessens the backbow, it cannot add upbow(at least not more than is already present in the neck). A double acting truss rod works the same way except it can add upbow by turning it counter clockwise.

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So how does the truss rod actually work, For eg. You pick a string, so there's contact and the follow through. what you've oltd me is uptill the stage of contact with the string, now when you follow through a proper/actual nte is produced, similarly, you've told me about it, so the rod acts works how?

Also a simple question, backbow is concave and upbow is convex?..when guitar is held vertical body facing you..not the back..

If it's a steel rod how deoes it TIGHTEN?

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