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1 piece mahaogany

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hi. :D .i am new to the forum although i have been lookin at projectguitar.com for a couple of months.

i found a site http://www.craft-supplies.co.uk/ through references section that supplied wood.

it is selling 1 piece of brazilian mahogany for £35.

does anyone know wat size a piece of mahogany is in inches and is £35 sterling expensive or about the rite price.

also does n e one have any ides how much the new floyd rose speedloader is likely to cost?


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i dont need to convert currency...i live in the UK

i know that when I go to buy a lenght of timber it is always 20' and I thought that a piece of mahaogany or sumthin mite have a set dimension.

hope that explains what probably sounded like a stupid question! :D

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Craft Supplies do keep a wide range of supplies for guitar making and a mahogany body blank is 21" x 14" x 2" which is plenty for most body styles and £35 is a reasonable price, though you may well be able to pick up off cuts from places used to working with larger pieces for less.

They also stock most other things you need from glue to nitro lacquer, so don't write them off just yet :D

In my experience what happens is you go up with an idea of what you want and how much you are going to spend and end up coming away with twice as much and a big credit card bill.

They also stock some nice figured tops, although they can be a bit on the pricy side.


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