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Ibanez 2620cbl Finish


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Hi All,

Any idea on how to finish like this. I have got my guitar sitting and have decided to paint it like this. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate inputs on how to finish my guitar like this. By that I mean how do I get the little ridges on the paint? Any idea where to get this shade of blue? I am not really that good a painter so I have no idea.

Thanks a ton.

Here is the guitar at the Rich's site...... (2620CBL)


Here is a better link, but the pic is kinda big.


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Looks like they put on the semi-transparent white paint with a sponge like you'd get at any old paint store. Oh, and THAT IMAGE IS WAY TOO BIG.



Hi Russ,

Thanks for the info. Sorry about the image but I wanted you to get the full idea. Now let me see if I got it right. First the blue paint, then the urethane or lacquer and then the dabs with the paint sponge? But how come the dabs on top look bluer than the paint???


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No, the clear coat would be last. First paint, then texture with the sponge, then clear. Obviously, it'd take more clear coat than what would be considered reasonable to make the top flat, so you couldn't wet sand it. Seriously though, that picture is way bigger than is allowed on this forum. If you want something that big, you need to link to it, or better yet, post a thumbnail that links to it. Images like that will make some people's computers lag like crazy.

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That paint job looks like something I found at the alsacorp website.


They have a lot of interesting products.

Alsa's paint is urethane, not reccomended for the first time painter but the effect can be accomplished with a waterbased pearl like autoair.

The idea behind it is that you spray the paint a little thick and put a plastic bag or cling wrap over the paint and scrunch it around a bit. Then pull the plastic off. it'll leave thos cool lines in the metalic or pearlescent paint. Keep in mind this takes a heavier coat of paint and so has a longer drying time.

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