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Quality Of Tremolos

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I can't speak about the quality of this piece. I've bought other parts from Guitarfetish, all is of adequate quality and definitely matches the price point.

But the problem with buying cheap parts is you're always going to wonder about whether you should have bought the real thing. For something as crucial as a bridge, it might be wiser to pay the extra price to have some guarantee of quality.

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Has anyone ever ordered one of these tremolos? I'm wondering what the quality is like.


It's a Mighty Mite bridge if that's of any help, though tempted to pick one up I haven't. I've bought from guitarfetish a few times without issue.

Here's a link to MM's Floyds.


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I've been looking at those too. Surely someone here has picked one of those up and has some experience with them.

I have heard in the past that they seem to wear pretty quick at the pivot point, causing headaches...

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