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Waxing Pick-ups


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I have a strat w/ standard humbuckers at the bridge and two stacked double coils at middle and neck. I'm getting some pretty nasty feedback from the two stacked P.Us. at high volume. I've eliminated gain mismatching and environment as possibilities. I believe it's because their not waxed.

My 1st question is if I wax them will it alter tone or output level.

My 2nd is what is the best way to go about it.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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really good artical makes you really think about more power. but! i have a 2x 6L6GC amp that i assume was rated at 35 watts but i think its closer 45 to 50 watts that is just a touch lower in perceivable volume than my 100watt marshall valvestate (solid amp with one tube in preamp) and niether seperate or togather can keep up with a heavy hitting drummer. i use a 4x12 cab with celesion G12m70's. so i.m.o.p.

i think that 1 i need more efficiant speakers or 2 the need of 100watts tube power is needed to keep up with a double bass drummer bang the crap out of a set of drums.

sorry! citadelmusic i just realized that was off topic

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