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Brass V. Aluminum V. Steel


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Before the nut and after the saddle, the metal of choice won't affect the strings cycling abilities.

If the string touches it, brass is a popular option....but it will wear quickly.

If the string doesn't touch it, stainless steel is a good option and will last for a very (very) long time.

I love all these guys with titanium trem blocks and unobtanium bridge plates. Makes me giggle.

Before the nut and after the saddle, you want a strong, durable material. Steel, zinc and titanium are good choices. Brass and aluminum are not because they are very 'soft' metals.

Choose your components wisely, and with your ears.

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So more mass doesn't increase sustain or anything like that?

I've also heard brass saddles are brighter, this is all just myth?

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Unobtanium is a long running joke in sci-fi and engineering circles. I cracked up when it turned up in the movie " The Core ". I think the actual definition is " a material specified by engineering, but unavailable to purchasing" orrr... something like that. I remember many years back when everyone said that aluminum was the worst thing for a bridge, it sucks the tone right out of the instrument. Now it is said to possess tone enhancing properties or some such hoo-ha. I wonder what quantum changes aluminum has undergone in the past 20 years. I wouldn't worry much about it, just get something you like.

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