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Headstock Solutions?

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hi, a while back i had a piece of maple that was long enough for the neck part, but no room for the headstock. i carried on making the neck mainly for practice but it ended up turning out really well...can someone suggest a way to put on a headstock? (the neck is rounded also). i was wondering if something like this poorly done drawing will work


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so if i put some thought into all my angles, i could get this done?

EDIT: This was meant to be a bass neck so i have alot of wood to spare NOW. so could i angle the top off and then angle another piece of wood to make up the proper angled headstock?

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Do a scarf joint, and you'll be fine. The picture you've got there? Probably going to fail quite dramatically.

If it doesn't fail with the tension of the strings (it probably won't do that) it will fail the first time you bump into a wall or the case takes a dive with the guitar inside.

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