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How To File Fret Ends Without Damaging

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Ive done about 10 refrets now, but they have all been on strats that I have finished the back of the neck at the same time. I cant help but wonder, How do you file the fret end (tang) absolutely flush with the side of the fretboard without damaging the finish on the side of the fretboard? :D

please enlighten as Im sure its well known...I jst dont know :D


Shimmy B)

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There's a page on the main site on how to make your fret beveller; I undercut the tang (even on unbound fingerboards) with a tang nipper, nip flush, and then bevel the edges of the frets, stopping just as the file reaches the edge of the fingerboard (just the corner, not the side). If it's a finished 'board, I'd guess you have to stop earlier (I don't like maple boards, and have never refretted one, so...)

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On this one, I "rolled the edges" of the fret-board even before installing the frets.


But in the end there was a glossy finish, because I sold my soul to the fret devil long ago


I really prefer the "silver mushroom" look of un-notched fret-ends on the fret-board edges, but if the guitar was made with notched fret-tangs and filled fret-slot ends, I'll usually leave it like that


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