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LGM Guitars NE WEBSITE!!!!!!!

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Well, times change and we must change with them. Over the past few months some major changes have taken place with LGM Guitars. An investor approached us and has dumped some money into the company, this means a brand new shop which we are now in as well as a new website.

In the past all website duties were handled by Patrick Deno of Whiplash Web Designs. Unfortunately due to life changes and situations we had to find a new host and webmaster. Patrick did a great job with the website and I will forever be indebted to him for it!

The new site was built and is being hosted by Ninth Eye Designs. Nikki of ninth eye has done a great job building the new more streamlined site. It is much faster loading, especially for dial up users. Navigation has been streamlined and it should be overall more user friendly with all browsers.

Some of the new things happening at LGM Guitars of course include the new shop. With 800 square feet and a new 10' x 12' downdraft spray booth production times have become faster. Some new tools have been added which in the next few weeks will lead to full custom necks and bodies as well as the custom modifications.

We will be introducing a custom line of electric's soon as well. Based on the super strat shape they will be a cross between an Ibanez and a Parker. Very interesting and very cool :D

Please take a minute to click on www.lgmguitars.com and check out the new site. Please let us know what you think of the site, and the work you see in the site.

Thank you for looking! have a great long weekend!!!!



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Man, I love that JEM77BLFP. I saw that several months back and it stuck in my head that it was made (painted) by Ibanez... but I couldn't find any documentation on it anywhere... now I know why. You designed it!

When you say you hand painted the graphics did you just use a small paint brush? Then you just clear over it without any sanding on the hand painted graphics until the clear is on? I have some artistic friends that could paint on my guitar for me then I could do the solids and clears myself.

Very nice Job! :D

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Funny to hear people mention the resolution of the site and having to scroll now, the old site was always the same as well :D

As for the BLFP, yes, it was sprayed white, then the graphic was painted on with a brush by hand, the black back and sides were sprayed with the airbrush, and then 5 coats of clear were applied. Then I sanded it all flat and applied 5 more coats of clear. (all poly urethane) then sanded and polished.

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