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Internals Of Lace Sensor


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Are Lace Sensor pickups put together massively different from regular pickups?

My Neck pickup has died (actually I think its letting out a little squak of a signal). I figured it was going to be the coil wire broken but the guys at the guitar shop said something about a built in preamp. Sounds crazy to me.

Basically is there anything I can do to salvage this pickup, short of re-winding? (which the guys at the shop said would be a waste of time anyway).

I don't have high hopes of saving it, as the Multimeter didnt detect any connection between the ends of the coils (inside the pickup itself, rather than the other end of the wire).


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Wait, did you actually put the multimeter on the coils themselves? becuase that would never give you continuity. It doesn't look like it, but there's a plastic coating on the wire. Also, you don't check continuity on a pickup. Most multimeter will tell you there isn't any. Rather, check for resistance. If it's infinitely resistant, than there's no continuity. If you get a resistance typical of a lace sensor(don't know what that value would be), then it's not the wire. I'm pretty sure this is the method for testing pickups, although I can't say for sure as I've never had the need to do it.



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Do you have a battery in the guitar? If no, there is no preamp. There is no such thing as a passive preamp! I think that I once saw a drawing showing the construction of a Lace sensor. It had a lot of magnetic fields “combs” that shielded the coil and directed the magnetic field towards the strings. If it was in fact the Lace sensors I saw I would say that it is impossible to rewind it. And just for the record: I wind my own pickups. But I would stay away from a Lace Sensor. Maybe someone with extensive experience of winding/rewinding can give you a better advice.

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Thanks for the replies, guys.

What I tested with the multimeter was the resistance between the points where the ends of the coil is soldered onto the metal plate. I got infinite resistance. That, to me, says there's a break in the wire and I should chuck it. Just wanted a second opinion.

Thanks for the assist. In the bin it goes :D

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