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material finish!?!?help pleez

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Yes, in this chat the word "material" means cloth, not paper.

I think with plywood, it would be best to sand it as flat as possible (don't use a planer), fill in the grain as much as possible with grain filler, then follow the tutorial steps for the material finish.

There are 2 basic types of "plywood", the "classic" kind is where you have lots of thin sheets glued together. The other kind (now used in the US construction industry almost to the exclusion of classic plywood) is ofter referred to as "OSB", which consists of lots of chips of wood (with all different grain orientations) in a mass of glue. It is stronger than classic plywood. Neither one will plane worth a darn, you must sand it flat.

It is interesting..."material" can refer to almost anything. I once worked for a concrete crew and the stuff was always "material"...go figure.

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