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When You're Working Without What You Need...


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i could be crucified for even suggesting this:

but here goes.

i've begun a neck-through guitar and have run into one paramount problem.

I don't have a planer.

I could spend the money on one, but probably not justifiably. Does anyone have any creative alternatives? This is the only guitar I plan on building (for now) and so would prefer not to shell out big bucks for something I'll only use once or twice.

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I don't have a planer, don't plan on getting one any time soon. For a lot of things, a router/planer jig will do wonders, great way to thickness wood, and dead simple to make. Alternately....learn to use, y'know, a plane. I'm biased, but there's little that beats the feeling of a well sharpened handplane cutting through wood.

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