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Covering Pickup Routes

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Fill them in, otherwise you risk puncturing the veneer. it doesnt have to be a perfect fit, just try to minimalize the area of unsupported veneer (parts where is isnt glued to anything)

cut a piece of wood about the size of the pickup routs, glue down sand flush, fill the rest with wood putty if you wish, it wont be necessary though

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C'mon nitefly, don't you know better than to recomend that someone uses wood putty to fill anything by now?

nothing head: you're better off filling the routes with tightfitting wooden blocks and filling the gaps(assuming you don't get a perfect fit) with bondo. As for universal jems, a lot of the people on this site use it. Universaljems.com is used primarily to fund the running of this forum and its sister site.

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i use that all the time, great stuff

any way my stupidity aside, fill your pickup routs with glued-in wooden blocks, as close to the same size as the route as possible, then fill the rest with the 2 part bondo available at almost any harware store.

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