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Diy Preamp?


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I was taking a look on some of the wonderful things that ebay has to offer at times. I came across this

Now I was looking for a way to build like a little preamp for a bass project because I dont want to spend serious cash, and I thought this might be a shortcut.

Any thoughts?

You have probably already seen this site but...


and follow the "guitar stuff" link.

Im hoping to build a piezo buffer and magnetic pickup preamp into a splitter box for my RG2020XTB that I have rewired to use a single stereo jack. Getting tangled in two cables mid song is not fun

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It's a single micro-power opamp booster - the only thing I'd be suspicious about is the "Active EQ applied- Warmer bass, clearer High end" bit. There are no noise specs in the data sheet for the NJM4250, but at 8dB total gain, I doubt it's very noticable, and the construction looks good. Unless it's got a built-in mid scoop, it should perform well for you, but you might want to contact the seller and make sure it'll work for a bass (ie, that the EQ isn't going to interfere, since there's no way to change it). That's a pretty good price for a plug-and-play preamp - I probably can't build it for much less than that.

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