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A Simple Question

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hey all

i recently bought this neck on ebay (you have 5 days till it removes itself)


i have plans on making a pointy,extreme style body with it,

my question is,if i sawed off the existing headstock,and replaced it with a block off wood,glued dried and shaped etc

will it hold fine?

if not,maybe drilling 2 small holes in both parts,and adding dowels( not sure if thats what there caled,but the little cylinders of wood,normally used in joining small bookshelfs etc)

just wont to know now rather than the split second theres a headstock heading towards my left eye hehe :D



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yeah,i was thinking that,and i would have searched,as i alwas do...but i didnt know how to word it,

and i would reshape it,but the shape i'm wanting is the jackson angled headstock,and the existing headstock doesnt cover the area of a jackson

i guess i could stick with it,its more elagent.the body i'm planning to make will have a red stained flamed top,with binding etc,so it looks elagent,i may just stick with it

thanks guys

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wish there was a liquid to stick them back on with :D lol

and if chipping does occur a lot,then i will possibly polyurathane it.

it was a quick desicion buy,though i did think about all that

i hope it doesnt though :D

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