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Completely Lost...


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hi all, i'm new here.

i looked around on projectguitar.com and didn't find what i was looking for, although they have just about everything else :D . so here's my situation:

i'm trying to wire a pair of evolutions into my ibanez, but i'd like to wire them in parallel instead of in series. the instructions say that series installation solders black and white wires together, with red to hot, and green and bare to ground.

parallel instructions say red and white to hot, green and black and bare to ground. with a 5 way switch, how would i go about doing that? the switch diagram in the instructions is confusing and looks nothing like my switch.

ex., my switch has 8 different places to solder, the instructions only have 6.

any help is appreciated, thanks

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1 neck hum, parallel

2 neck single?

3 both pups, parallel

4 bridge single?

5 bridge hum, parallel

would something like that be possible?

only with a 24-pole superswitch. a Strat switch won't do that middle combination, no matter how you wire it.

and is that middle combination each pickup wired in parallel, then both in parallel with each other? or each one in series, then both in parallel with each other? you're going to have to decide that before you design your wiring scheme.

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if you still need a diagram i can draw you one up.

email me or if i have some free time tonight i will hook you up.


ok i did some brain storming i dont' see anyway without using a switch like bill recomoneded or doing some heavy modification to a switch and making it a six way but thats another story.

its that middle posisiton. could probaly be done easy in another order.

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