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Blew It - What Are My Options?

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It could be worse...

I've built the neck, with the taper set to match a hipshot B-style bridge I got from Carvin. As I'm getting set to rout the holes for the Fender Jazz pickups I just got I realize that the string spacing on the bridge is too narrow for the spacing on the bridge pickup. The pickup spacing is actually slightly wider than the bridge spacing, and I don't want it right next to the bridge anyway.

So, as the neck must match the bridge, I guess I'm stuck with having to go a different route for pickups, either that, or make a new neck, widen the bolt-on pocket on the body, and get a different bridge.

I guess I'm looking for pickup recommendations, or for someone to clue me in to a way to salvage my original plans.


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No difference? I can't say you are wrong, but it seems counter-intuitive.

As you know, Jazz pickups have two poles for each string. I believe they were designed this way because the wider physical vibration of bass strings demanded it. If the pickup is a couple inches from the edge of the bridge, the string will be sitting atop the inner pole. The outer pole for both the E and G will be some distance from the string.

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It won't make a difference that you'll notice at all. If you're really that concerned about the appearance, either buy pickups with covered polepieces or some blade-style pickups.

The magnetic field is much wider than the actual polepieces, so being 1/16 to an 1/8 off a polepiece isn't going to make an audible difference in sound quality most of the time.

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