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Harmonic Position 5 E6 Doesnt Sound

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I've build a few Strats from standard Fender and Squier components (Frankies). Recently on two guitars (different necks) i hit an annoying problem.

The harmonic (flageolet) at postion 5 of E6 doesnt give any useful tone. Harmonics at position 5 of the other strings are ok.

I've been puzzling whether it could be the strings (d'Addario), or a dead point in the natural resonance of the neck/body combination, or what ....

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Have fun :D

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ooo that is odd! maybe its due to the intonation? maybe your intonation is out? but then again it might be correct and its just the combination intonation and fret distance that's causing a problem.....maybe you could solve the problem by buying a differant gauge of strings and then ajusting your intonation? Just an idea!


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How are the even harmonics of the E6 string? (ie. at the 7th and 12th frets)

If they're dull, too, it might be that your pickup is exactly at a node where there is little/no vibration. There is usually no problem since the magnetic field of a pickup is large enough-- but with a narrow magnetic field and just the wrong spot, it's theoretically possible that the even harmonics will be dead-sounding there.


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None of the 5th fret harmonics ring if I'm using the outside coil of my neck humbucker by itself. I suspect it's a node thing. They do ring if I use the full humbucker, or the inside coil.

If it's just your E6 (and it occurs regardless of pickup selection) perhaps the magnetic pull of the pickups is adversely affecting the vibration of that larger string, enough to mess with the harmonics.

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