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Why not give us some pictures or something to work with. The question itself is a bit confusing. There are all different kinds of bridges and stoptails, although the two almost never have the same type of stud. A stoptail has a stud that it slides onto from the front or back(ordinarily), and a tom has studs that it sits on top of.

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i think he means the size of the bushing (knurled part that presses into the guitar). In the pine guitar I did, the bushing for the posts were exactly the same size for the stop tail piece and the tom. But that was a korean made so that may not apply to others.

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That all depends on what brand of those items you are using. Stewmac sells a Gotoh TOM/tailpiece combo with the same sized studs but generally bridge posts/studs are much smaller than that of most tailpieces.

There is great info at Stewmac regarding your question. Lots of the items for sale have the specs , ie. detailed diagrams w/ dimensions, provided.

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