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Abrasive Availability In Oz

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Anyone know where I can get 3M abrasives (sandpapers and wools in particular) in Melbourne? What about Tite Bond? Or reasonable alternatives to them?

I went to Bunnings and couldn't find any papers finer than 420 grit, and the steel wools they had looked like they'd leave metal dust all over the piece. They didn't have Tite Bond or even Elmers, and I wasn't sure which of the glues they had - if any - would do the job as well.

I hope I don't have to order this stuff from the US, but I don't want to compromise on the results and (being a lazy bugger) don't want to waste time with inferior products.



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as southpa said, auto body suppliers are probably your best bet.

as for tite bond, try a specialty timber supplier, thats where i got mine in adelaide.

if all else fails you may be able to get it through bunnings/mitre 10 etc. as a special order.



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Carba-tec is the place to go my man!

They've got Titebond (all versions), hot stuff CA glue, shellac, hide glue pellets, tons of luthier friendly tools including those violin maker planes, lots of guitar building books and more! :D

For the sandpaper look up those car places as mentioned, they've got all 3M products including those blue or green binding tapes, sandpaper, polishing pastes ect...

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