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Oh Snap!

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Just 15 mins ago I applied black dye from lmii to my flame maple veneer which is stuck to my body, then as it dries, the wood kind of bends up and off the guitar!!!!!! HOw do I repair this...does it go back after time??? Currently I have a book on top to stop it rising!!!

P.s. I may have been unpatient and added too much dye!

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Pattex, as in white PVA wood glue, I assume? How long had it cured? Good 'n dry?

Veneer is damn thin stuff, and honestly, I'd limit myself to tinted finishes on things a hair over half a mm thick. The waterbased dye probably cause things to bobble up; you might be able to iron everything flat again, or you may have to re-veneer.

Seriously, if you want to do a dyed finish, use a top that's at least 1/8" thick or so.

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