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What Do You Clean With And What Do You Fill Dents With?


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A couple of questions before I spray my guitar. If you've sanded you're guitar down to the grain, what do you clean it with before sparying? Just water, or something else. And also, I have a little ding in my guitar that I wanna fix before I spray. It's not very deep at all but since I've sanded down this much I might as well fix it. I'm not doing a wood grain finish so the color of whatever filler I use shouldn't matter. What would you guys use?IMG_0511.jpg

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SOme people recommend wet sanding to help raise the grain then knock it off with the fine sandpaper for a really smooth finish, then a couple of coats of sanding sealer. This is probably more important for a really good transparent or translucent grain-effect finish. For an opaque colour, sanding sealer plus undercoat depending on final colour/finish.

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