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Bubbly Metallic Finish


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Yeah its definately not painted over debris. Heres whats happened with the finishing so far:

1. Grainfill with epoxy

2. White primer

3. Metallic green (cellulose i think)

4. Clear lacquer (Acrylic)

The bass was just about done but when we came back to it bubbles like the ones in the photo had appeared. We decided this was probably because of an incompatability between the green and clear lacquer. The front of the bass was fine so we decided to spray the back with metallic grey that was definatly acrylic and should match our clear. We also added a black stripe around the edge to tie the two together.

Again we get to the stage where its just about done and bubbles have appeared.


heres a photo from the other day showing how close to finished it was (and that there is no debris under the grey).

My guess is something is releasing gas thats trapped under the finish somehow, i just wondered if anybody else had had a similar problem and could shed some light on it. Could it be issues with temprature/humidity

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Interesting.... I had something that looked similar when using a metallic grey color (Duplicolor). but I noticed mine when I sprayed the 3rd coat. Some other "odd" things happened with one of the cans I used, like a slightly different color. with less or no "flake" to it. There was something odd about that can of paint! It also appeared to be used when I opened it!

Did you use rattle cans?

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