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Ready To Clearcoat?

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Alright, so I've stained my guitar, now, do I need to apply some sort of sealer before clearcoating it?

De waxed (white) shellac is good and it is compatible with just about everything that follows. You can even use filler over it if needs be & sand back a bit. That depends on the timeber of course. It mightn't be necessary.

Show us a picture.

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Alder shouldn't need to be grain filled.

You can go ahead and clearcoat the stained wood, but sealing it first with a couple coats of shellac (dewaxed) will prevent the lacquer (or whatever you're using) from soaking into the wood so much, letting you build your finish faster. Shellac will also enhance the grain/figure of the wood nicely, good if you're applying a finish that doesn't "wet" the wood well, like waterbased lacquer... not that alder has all that much grain to enhance. :D

If you wipe on the shellac, don't work it too much, as the alcohol in the shellac can dissolve some of the stain. I've sprayed it with a Preval spayer (using a 1 1/2 to 2 lb. cut) with pretty good results. Just a couple light coats is all you need.


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