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Check Out The 1960 "relic" Fender Serious I'm Creating

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First your picture needs to be hosted somewhere.

Then add > Put the tag after, I can't show it here as it thinks its an image reference and won't show it.

Use the square brackets [] not the usual <> brackets used with html.

There is a picture button (the little tree), but it won't work in older browsers.

The button does the same thing as the above, it just adds the tags for you.

Good luck,

d ward

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Thanks, i'll submit the photos in a second then

also i ebonized the neck with that faux ebony trick, i also removed the dot inlays in order to have a bareneck, i used wood filler and then some faux ebony dye and it turned out beautiful,

here's the link to the piuctures, sorry no pictures of the neck yet,

i'm gonna use the exact pickup configuration that yngwie j malmsteen uses, one humbucker split in two, and one original dimazio pickup, as for the neck however, i won't scallop it, i've played and know how to use one...just....never really dug it, did'nt really like it, i like vibrato and so forth, but i can do it good on a non scalloped neck, so....meh....besides i don't like TOO much vibrato, which from a scalloped neck you CAn get more bend range than a normal neck

but meh i'm rambling on, i'll post pictures of the neck tommorow, hardware will be a vintage 60's fender tremolo system, it's aged so it looks relic, so it will be perfect with the guitar, string will be light, or megidum light, or i might even custom it, maybe an 8 to 42 ? 46 ?

meh, anyway give me your opinions and reactions

Back Shot

Back angle Shot

Front Shot

back shot

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Well, the paint on the back of Strats usually wears something like this. Otherwise, the front looks ok. I just have a hard time with "created" relics. Most don't look like the real thing.

Exceptions? The one Perry did a while back and some I've seen on the ReRanch forum. Even Fender's relics aren't all that great if you ask me.

I'm done talking now. :D

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I agree, i have seen actual original relics, and some look better in the sense of a "relic" and some don't look liek they've aged a bit, just some yellow corrosion to the once original white parts

true, BUT.....how much does a real ORIGINAL relic cost ? i unfortunately don't have that much money, so i opted to buy a cheap knock off guitar, made the body APPEAR as a relic, and then, well faux ebonied the neck, reshaped the headstock and removed the horrible horrible smiley face decal it had on the head stock, oh and i removed both the frets and inlays, i wanted this neck with no inlay, although you can still kinda tell where they once where from in close, but then again it kind of works into my favour, almost liek "they fell off along time ago, so they were replaced" sort of thing i'm gonna replace the small frets it had with huge frets, caqn't stand them small fretless wonders. And as i said, just gonna buy an aged or white picguard and all parts, age them myself....and on they go :D

i just could'nt seem to make the headstock ancient, coudl dye it, i tried but could'nt

get it working, i might use heat gun and darken it up a bit

either way, thanks all :D thanks for the info and remarks B)

oh by the way.....i've modded guitars....but never painted them...let aloen finish....i might have doen this one wrong....i got it to look the y i wanted....BUT....i bought a clear coat spray can....and...well i got soem of those horrible runs....i'm tempted to just sand it down and redo it again...but i knwo it won't come out right.....some help ? i mean i taped off the black acrylic that i left from the original color, but i can't seem to get a proper coating....

uhm the can says it's TREMCLAD clear protective top coat

did i buy the wrong one ?

also, i made a custom nut cover for one of my gibson, and i spray painted it chrome.....what should i use to seal it with ?


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