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ESP headstock decals cont...

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What other logos can you do???

Or should we discuss under the "dome of silence" :D  B)  :D

Dave K

So far it is possible to do Gibson, PRS, Martin and a few other's.........

No I'm not going under a "dome of silence" :D

Let me explain why, first of all most of these logo's are published for use in the industry by the manufacturer's to begin with and are free to use, just not abuse.

Say you want to customize a Gibson and go "Chrome Gold" on the head stock, first of all eveyone will know it isn't a factory job because Gibson never put that out.

Secondly if anyone approched me to make a massive quantity I would probably turn them down because then I would feel they are going into the fake guitar business and I don't support that industry.

Doing the custom thing is nothing more than say painting a Ford Mustang chrome illusion then wanting a flashy decal that say's Ford, Think they care? Shoot they would probably chip in if it made it into a trade magazine just because it would give them free exposure.

On the other hand doing a restoring a guitar is something thats hard enough as it is. Most of what I do is for custom's and one-of-a-kinds that people are going to say WOW look what this guy did! Again the manufacturer will love seeing their name on the head stock instead of mine on one of their stock guitars thats been hot rodded.

If I got a legit stop request in writting I would honer it.

The one thing I won't do though just because of how I feel is advertise these on one of my commercial sites for anyone with a buy it now button or throw something up on Ebay.

After all you all are really just rodding out your guitars and restoring them. If you need something or can't find it, I'll help you. Thats what Project Guitar is all about.

BTW ESPNUT check your e-mail :D

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Thanks! I hope my question didn't upset you.... :D

It was my weak attept at humor

The "dome of silence" reference was because we were discussing a potential transaction & I didn't know if that was allowed on the forum.

Thanks, I will be sending you a message regarding a couple of projects I may need logos for


Dave K

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