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Hey guys, I've recieved my shipment of wood from my local timber merchants. Got some Sapele for the body wings and maple for the neck and fretboard. I had to cut the sapele in half (because the clowns didn't do what I said) to make the wings. The neck planks have been cut to the right length, width and roughly thickness... however I've noticed they haven't been cut the straightest possible way, and so it'll all need flattening out.

Right what is the quickest way of getting it all level, I've got a belt sander and if needed I'll buy an electric planer.

Also while I'm at it, I'm planning on using Createx AutoAir colours to spray the guitar... would it be safe to use Behlen Qualalaq or stringed instrument nitro as a clear... or shall I risk using Lechler Acrifan acrylic clear?


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What exactly needs flattening out? And by how much?

I'd probably use a hand plane on sapele, assuming it's non-figured wood, but it really depends on what you're comfortable using.

The quickest way, if it's flat, is probably to find something with a thickness planer and/or sander.

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