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Erbauer Tool Quality


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I'm in the market for a new belt sander, after the bearing in my cheap'n'cheerful Pro Power failed. I use it 90% of the time clamped to a bench top for sanding solid bodies, so it's important that it has a platten square to the sides.

Current strong contenders are Erbauer and Skil - both 3" belt sanders, available from Screwfix (UK builders supply company) for around the same price, At present the Erbauer has the edge since it comes with a 2 year guarantee. Any thoughts, experience with the different brands etc would be appreciated.


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I can recommend Makita. 76 mm wide

i've used it for years and given it alot of hard use through my

daytime job as a carpenter.

I don't know whether they'll mount to a bench but I'll definately have a look and figure it out

if it's possible.

Other than that I'd say a festool. :D

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I have used just about every make of belt sander out there and the best that I have ever used was a Bosch.

the smoothest operating sander ever. I have been a finish carpenter for 25 years and used belt sanders in all types of ways. Log home and furniture, to sharpen draw knives, to sand everything under the sun. And the bosch sanders are just so damn nice. They have a 3" X 21" whitch the motor sits directly over the belt so there is no motor sticking out in the way, and a 4" X 24" and both are just about dust free.

Hree is the link if you want to check them out " http://www.maxtool.com/index/bosch/Belt_Sanders.asp "

Good luck on your quest....


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I don't have experience of them, but I believe you when you say the Bosch tools are loveley. One thing to keep in mind: that link shows Bosch's blue line of tools (Pro), which is much nicer than their regular hobbyist green line of tools. I've got a blue bosch plunge which is lovely, and a green line one which is...decent. But in a completely different league.

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You mean a handheld type, right? Any reason (other than cost) why you're not considering a stationary sander? Space?

Space, and ease of use. I like the fact that a belt sander on the side produces sanding scratches in the same direction as my final handsanding will, and there's no way to get that without buying a massively pricy oscillating belt sander. I have a spindle sander for concave curves, and an incredibly crappy stationary belt/disc sander, but I need something better for convex curves, and to replace the belt sander (which occasionally did get used as it was intended too!). The belt sander just did a *great* job of squaring sides, sanding out router tear out and the like.

I *am* kind of tempted by this:


but I don't know where I'd put it. :D

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random orbital sanders do an OK job, too..I do want a belt sanding something of some sort, though. That disk sander looks quasi-identical to this one:


only it's about 50% more expensive. Kinda tempted by this:


Although frankly, it's that or the bandsaw, not both, not realistically. Or this:


Mmm...oscillating edge sander...or maybe just a compromise, and get this:



Right. I really, really need to stop staring at stationary power tools until I get the floor plan/measurements to my new 'shop' and figure out where I'm hiding the bandsaw and home-built thickness sander first...

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