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Where Can I Find Custom Made Water Slide Decals

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Is there anyone out there that knows of a company that will make custom water slide decals out of my logo?

I have been looking for some time but with no luck. surley there has got to be some company out there doing this type of thing. I bought a DYI kit from the local hobby store and it kind of sucks big time. The kit comes with white paper, and i want to have a clear decal with black logo, and one with white logo. So if anyone has heard or seen or knows any info please help me out.



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Terry's your man, i don't have a pic but he's just done some for me and they're spot on and reasonably priced if you take the whole sheet - around 20pcs. Shoot him a mail and tell him Jem @ Nocturne Guitars passed his details on.




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