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Schaller Recessed Route

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Anyone have the measurements for this route???? Can't seem to find any routing info for this bridge!

My dilemma is I have a original lo pro floyd and I'm curious if the schaller route will fit. Reason being warmoth offers this route yet they will not supply me the measurements...wonderful huh! Any help appreciated! :D



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Thanks for the reply Mike....already been there ...using that for my reference guide. It's the actual scahller route I'm after. Be nice if I had a warmoth body here with that route to measure. Last thing I want is a sloppy fit....If it's the other way(tight) no prob I can mod to fit. All in all I want to be sure it will function and look well before I go ahead and order. It's become a real quest the past few days!

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See if Schaller will email you the info, but I really doubt that the Schaller route will accept your Floyd Pro.

You might try calling USA Custom Guitars - maybe they'll give you the info.

If Warmoth won't route it for you, you could always order it unrouted (have them index the stud locations for reference - I believe they are the same as an OFR) and go the DIY route. You'd need to find or make some good templates, but it's not rocket science. Just practice on scrap until you get it right, then go slow with the real thing.

Just a thought.

edit: Better yet, build a hardtail! :D

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scary thing visioning myself with a router on a 500.00 body.carved top to add extra stress. Never been there. I'd probably attempt it on a flat top but man...what's the trick with the carved top??? How would the template sit flat let alone the router to complete the work? I've made a bunch of furniture over the years . Used a router table for that...but were talkin running straight boards on a table..much different than this. One slip of the template and bammm ...it's done! I emailed schaller.waiting on them. Called floydrose direct.no luck there although they were very helpful!

No hartails for me.I prefer the double locking floaters..... :D

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