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Printing Plans/blueprints

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I have a regular home/business printer (Samsung SCX4100 if interested) that has print/copy/scan, but I need to know how to print a large picture as a guitar plan/blueprints.

Is there no other way than breaking the picture into little bits in say... Photoshop and printing each individual then gluing in up?

I thought about buying the guitar templates from guitarbuildingtemplates.com but their shipping to foreign countries is ridiculous...

I have all the files I want to print (PRS24 and JEM) in dwg and something else, which I can open with AutoCAD.

How do you guys do it?

Thx in advance.

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Inkjets, laserprinters, and photocopiers aren't dead accurate. There's a fair bit of distortion in the paper feed direction. You can verify it for yourself. Scan a pair of perpendicular rulers(scales) or make a grid in a drawing program and print them out. Compare measurements across the page and in the feed direction. Scaleable engineering drawings typically have to be made on plotters.

Necessary precision is a relative. To layout the shape of a guitar, prints are probably fine. Laying out frets... not accurate enough.

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