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Why Arent There Any Tutorials On Making Acoustics?

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PG is mainly mainly a solid body forum. Although acoustic information and discussion has a place here, and is welcome. It is not the focus. There are several other forums that have a lot more to offer as far as acoustic information goes. MIMF, OLF and so forth....(a web search will turn up a pile of sites).

The best advice you could get if you want to build an acoustic is to get a good book for reference(or work with someone who has built them before). Beyond that look for tutorials on building jigs, molds and so forth(most good books will have instructions on several jigs that you should make). It may also be worth while to think about a kit for your first (depending on how comfortable you feel about hunting down a lot of your own information and jig building.).


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i did a couple of things when i started researching my first acoustic build. first i joined this forum:


there are some extremely knowledeable builders there and they are very helpful.

next, while researching various aspects of the building process i came across this website.


charles is an accomplished builder and a moderator at the acoustic guitar forum. his site has a step by step description of the building process that was very helpful. it's not a building guide per se but a description of how he does it.

you'll need a couple of books i would imagine and a lot of research. you'll need to build or buy some new tools. it's a whole different ball of wax but fun and satisfying.

good luck.


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