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Fixing Binding

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i bought a 1984 washburn force 8 bass at a garge sale about 2 weeks ago for $10, it dosent have any damage that effects playability, but there is a place on the binding that is damaged and i was wondering if any one could give me some advice on how to fix it. here is a picture of the damage

DAMAGE! the pic is blury, but i think the damage is pretty visible. i'm thinking i can get some similar binding and just cut a pice the size of the whole and glue it in, but i'm not sure if there is a reason that it wouldn't work that way. the only problem i'll have if that will work is that im haveing a really hard time finding red plastic binding, and i dont want to redo all of the binding.



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You can repair the binding pretty easily by "melting" it back together with a little acetone. It looks like there is a good chunk missing however, so you will have to find something to patch it in with.

sorry about that. i tried to take a pic of it my auto focus went crazy and i figured that it was good enough.

i didn't figure out until a few hours after i posted the pic that my problem was that i wasn't turning on the macro mode that my camera has. i'll be posting a new one as sonn as i take it

$10??? man, WHERE are these garage sales where people buy gear for $10??

sorry I had no advice or anything.. :D

my dad and i go to garage sales almost every weekend, but its hard to find deals like that very often. usally people want way too much for gutiar and other musical equipmet (almost the full retail price usally). some times i get lucky though, a few months ago i bought as ynth module from a guy that kept calling it a "beat looper" for $10 and my dad found a peavy horizon 2 for $20 at another garage sale not too long ago

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