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Unforutantly, Turtle Wax Works Really Well...

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Ok I got this bass from this kid for 40 bucks and was gunna shine it up and make it look new then resell it for 80 bucks to another kid (good deal eh?) I took it all apart and rewired it, go the electronics working, used some murpheys on the neck make it look all pretty, then the final step buffing and waxing out the scratches. When I finished waxing it, i picked it up with two cloths as to not get any fingerprints on it, and being stupid, i picked it up near the bottom, and as soon as i put enough pressure on it, off it went. It flung out of my hands and bounced a few times on the pavement. Lucky me, now I get to sand it all down, and repaint it. I did just get a new airbrush that ive been wanting to test out though.

To make this thread more useful, post some ideas for me to paint it. Im not very skilled yet, but I want to try something (if you guys know smashnmash from the ultimate-guitar boards) with masking tape and an x-acto. Its a silvertone normal p-bass.


^ That one.

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