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Im so glad i can disregard that glue up...cause to be honest i think its way ahead of me, so rthis method seems easier to me, although to be honest i dont know what i titebind join is but ill ask those questions when i get to that part....its the same with the neck, im leaving that for a lil while until im ready, im just making sure im getting the buying of the wood for the body right at the moment, but thanks for all the lil things as i go along

Just one last thing Setch...sorry if im repeating things......if i go and buy the mahogany at 1 3/4" and then the maple at 5/8" and then glue them together.....without carving....will that be the exact height on a les paul from the bottom of the mahogany being the very back of the guitar....and then the top of the maple being the very top point as which the dome carving will be? If thats right then all my questions will end for now lol? So if that is right....it is right to assume then that the top of the maple is the very top of the dome carving...so then any carving done will come away from the sides of the maple downwards yeah?

I hope so....sorry about all the repeated questions and stuff....just this is my frist time...and im the type of person that has to ask everything 3 times to make sure i have it all completely right....so thats it after that until i go buy the word :D

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For all practical intents, yes.

You will probably remove some material from the very top of the maple when you carve the top, but very little. Not enough to worry about. I wouldn't recommend taking any steps towards building the body unless you've also decided how to approach the neck, the relation between the two is critical to a playable guitar, let alone a 'good' one.

Do yourself a favour and pickup a copy of Melvyn Hiscock's 'Make your Own Electric Guitar', it will make this whole process infinitely easier.

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Im not actually making a step to making the body as of such....im gaining the materials i need as i go along therefore can ask questions as i go along, and not bug everyone withthe 1001 questions i could ask....So as for the neck ill be approaching it however is recommended to me when i come round to collect the materials for that....which actually could be at the same time....well have to see...i could start a whole new topic hehe B)

Thanks for the help on those damn sizes for the maple and mahogany, that could have bugged me for a long time lol......also as for the book, i would love to be able to have the means to purchase off the net at the moment but i dont unfortuantly....so i cant :D otherwise i would, thats why im doing things the hard complicated long tough way round :D

See you in the 'neck' topic :D lol

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The old method of guitar building is inferior to the new ones.Then why do the old ones bring more than the new ones? :D

A laminated body like a 70's LP is not an example of "the old method of guitar building". It is an example of Gibson's penny pinching and corner cutting during the Norlin era, which is widely reguarded as the low point of Gibson's long history. Accordingly, guitars built during this time sell for considerably less than those from the 50's and 60's.

This isn't to say your guitar is a stinker - it may well be excellent. But if it is, it's in spite of the construction technique, not because of it. The instruments which built Gibson's reputation were built from one or two 2" thick peices of good quality honduras mahogany, which is perfectly stable without any extra laminations.

Also, I put it to you that the construction techniques used in guitars are necessarily very different to those used in aeroplane props, not least because guitars are rarely called upon to maintain 30,000 rpm for hours at a time. Whilst your advice may be excellent for somebody planning to build a propellar, it is needlessly complex for somebody building a guitar, especially their first.

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I don't know if they'll keep asking more, since the last post before yours was dated Sept. 2003! B) However, it's proof that there is good information to be had in old threads. :D

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