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Gibson Vs Fender

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Forget about a Fender acoustic. They seem to just market those to fill out their catalog and catch the occasional unsuspecting Fender enthusiast. Martin is a safe bet, but try some names as well. For a lot less money you may find a very sweet sounding instrument. If money isn't a huge issue, consider a boutique brand like Santa Cruz. They are consistently well made...they don't make that many each year.

By the way, e-bay is a rugged place to buy an instrument unless you are willing to gamble. It is always best to actually hear the instrument you are considering.

In any case, best of luck.

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I'm a real huge fan of the Seagull brand guitars that Godin makes. (At least, I think that's the name - they a have a picture of a bird on the headstock) I've played quite a few at the acoustic shop in town, and I've been thinking of picking one up one of these days - they sound and play amazingly for the money.

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I played a $99 Squier acoustic in a shop a couple years ago. It was one of those "I wonder how crappy that thing is" moments. I was really surprised at how nice it played, and it didn't sound bad either.

Those Seagull guitars are nice. If I had to describe my impression of the sound, I'd say it had a big bottom end and not so much on top. Like your neighbor's wife. :D

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