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Leveling Mop Fretboard Inlays

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I have a 64 Harmony thinline with rosewood fretboard and rectangular inlays. Some of the inlays slightly depressed on one side and slightly elevated above fretboard level on the other. Sort of a bipolar disorder kind of thing for you fans of mental disorders. In any case, is there a way to rectify this situation without fret removal and major surgery (another medical reference). I haven't done any inlay work, but have a steady hand with small tools.

Perhaps gentle heating witha heatgun will loosen the inlays sufficiently tp ease out. Then cleanin them up, and reglueing.....?

Thanks in advance for helpful ideas...and warnings.

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They are likely to be celluloid, not MOP, so heat is *not* their friend! MOP is highly inflammable, I've done some minor repairs to lifiting celluloid inlays - I wicked CA glue into the tiny voids at the edges of the inaly, then used a small clamp and curved caul to keep the inlay down whilst it dried. I lined the caul with parcel tape to prevent it getting stuck to CA squeezeout.

After the CA was thoroughly dry, I carefully scraped the inlays and squeezeout with a razor blade to cleanup and level and areas which stood proud.

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"They are likely to be celluloid, not MOP"

Exactly what i was typing. Try Setch's method or hike 'em out and cut some new from either shell or substitute like the originals. Seach for replacing inlays or something simular - there's a fair few tutorials.

Jem :DB):D

Triple flag day since it's the 4th :D

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