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So What Do You Guys Think Of This Design

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there has recently been interest from this guitarist i know to build him a guitar, and hes in a metal band, so ive been playin around with designs in auto cad

I dont know if this is original or not, its definately inspired by a lot of stuff ive seen metal matt do (mainly the bevels) but i just wanna run it by you guys so i dont end up building it and saying "yeah thats already been made."

anywho check it out..

First go at the design...

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Sorry to say, but me no likey. The attempt at going asymmetrical is well-noted, but I don't think it worked here. There's something too "pinched together"-looking about having the pointy bits flare out like that, too. Like someone's squeezing their knees together to protect their nuts or something.

It's a problematic design... currently, it takes a moment for your brain to figure out if both sides are even. Of course, once you tell your brain to look for the obvious telltale signs, it becomes obvious, but it's that brief moment of ambiguity that tells you that it either needs to be symmetrical or MORE asymmetrical.

(think I can use those words a few more times in one post?)


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Not my style of guitar... but, compared to other pointy guitars, it has too many concave edges.

The pointy guitar style suggests violence and aggression with visual references to edged weapons: broadaxes, scimitars, cutlasses. You need to connect concave edges with convex edges (with a nasty point). Check out the fantasy knives of Gil Hibbens for inspiration.

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