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Need Help Finding Plastic Abalone Binding... Where Can I Find This Stu

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Hi everyone.. hope you are all well and enjoy the summer and the projects that it brings...

I am excited about building some new guitars and really need to fin a source for cool plastic abalone binding.

Could some people please point me in the right direction on the web?:: I need a few sources for the stuff and other trimmings to soup up a "pretty" guitar :D

Stay well everyone and God bless...

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adding one: Here's a link for Canada, or Ontario


Go to Instrument Parts

Then click "Guitar Family & Tonewood Components"

Then scroll down and click "Binding" under Electric Guitar

Then scroll down.. and you'll see.


I could've just gave you this though...

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Well I learned something new! I had no idea they made such a thing. I did a little web search to see what it looks like installed. Most of the pics I found were not close enough to see the material. This is the best I could find (Uke)-Faux binding Uke

It doesn't look like it has any flash like shell and colors look a little flat. At about 15.5 cents per. inch it is less than half the price of real shell (35 cents per inch-MOP Supplies).


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