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Thru Neck - Neck Angle?

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You first have to calculate the amount of neck angle you need (trigonometry), and to do this you need the height of the bridge saddles above the body and take into account your fretboard thickness.

Then draw a properly-angled line on the side of the neck blank, cut it on a table saw or band saw, and plane it down true & square to the surface where the fretboard will go.

Sounds easier than it is. :D

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k, i want the body to be no more than 1 1/2" thick, and i've got a t-o-m bridge. i dont want this set into the body. would it be better to plane down to the fretboard surface, or plane the front and back of the body surfaces to match the 'wings'?, oh, i havent measured the angle yet...

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Actually I take my neck blank. True the fretboard surface. Then I cut the angle into the body section, and cut the ruff shape for the back of the neck. Also depending on your headstock angle you will most likely need to do a scarf joint. Be sure to establish the nut location before you cut for the body. Everything revolves around the nut location for length, and the fretboards surface for angle. Here is a link to a neck thru Explorer I was helping a co-workers son with. Click

P.S. I prefer to draw the guitar up in CAD and make templates and plans to build to. It is time well spent.


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