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Hey...I was looking for a strat plan like this so I could make a template. Does anyone know where I could go to get it?


If you donate, there are plans in the donation download section!! I highly suggest it!

As for printing... I went to my tech ed room in the high school and had them print it for me. Took some fiddling around, but we got a full size, to-scale printout made.

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Just find a straight on strat picture. Resize and print. Then simply print it on multiple pages, tape them together, and cut it out. Works perfect...

Cerb, thanks for the heads up. I did what you said. It took a while to figure how to print on multiple pages. Then I put the picture in Excel, printed up no problem. Anyway, I'm a married man with wife, ex-wife, and 4 kids. I want a strat, but don' t have the money to buy one, or to buy 60 dollar templates, or subscribe to websites for plans. I really appreciate you helping a brother out.

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