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Mop Dot Inlay Chipped

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I have set all of my dots into the fretboard, glues them in using super glueand everything was looking good.

Then I noticed after I had started to radius the board a small section of dot had broken away. Even after radiusing it still notices.

I could live with it but the fretboard is looking so nice after oiling it ( thanks to supernova and wez ) that I am a little reluctant to try and take it out.

I have tried ti fill it with super glue and mop dust but to no avail, I thought of drilling it out with a small bit but if the glue has done it's job well it will end up looking worse than it does now.

Any ideas

Crying or Very sad

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Use a small router bit in a dremel with a router base and just blast it out of there. Trust me, the glue won't hold that well. It's all going to flake out. The just put in a new dot, in the same hole. You don't need a drill bit the same size.

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